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Water - Heat - Sound insulation Construction, maintenance and repair External insulation and paint application Construction of iron and wooden roof Concrete injection systems Wet floor anti-slip systems Epoxy and Polyurethane floor application Gypsum and paint applications

Prizma building, which was established in 2006, produces projects with expert team and staff in the areas of water, heat, sound insulation construction, renovation, maintenance and repair work, epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings, concrete epoxy and polyurethane injection applications.

 Our projects

We are serving our valued customers by implementing our projects that we have undertaken as prism structure with our principle team and staff to complete our projects within the time we promise with our expert team and staff ...

We continue to produce projects in every corner of our country, combining the support and trust we have received from our customers with our knowledge and experience ...


Kızılsaray Mah. 61. Sok. Ayakkabıcılar İşm. Kat : 2 No : 233 Muratpaşa /Antalya     0 242 244 2 100

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